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Seeking Summer 2024 referees and umpires.
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Sports Monster Volleyball

Summer Indoor Volleyball Registration is HERE and ready for YOU!!



We offer several indoor league options at premiere locations across Pittsburgh, including Hough Gym—South Brook Middle School and more.


These are great spaces, perfect for our 6's volleyball leagues that are geared towards having fun! If you have or haven't played in high school or college and just want to enjoy time with friends, then this is the league for you. We have had some awesome huge leagues recently!


Registration is open for full teams or individuals looking to be placed on a team. Priority registration will save you $$$ so make your move now to secure your spot in these popular leagues! 


Standard 7-8 Week Volleyball Leagues Include:

  • 6-7 Week Regular Season + playoff tournament
  • Referees and game balls provided by Sports Monster
  • Coed teams require a minimum 3 females on the court
  • Matches consist of three games played to 25 - rally scoring
  • League Champions receive a choice of t-shirts or trophy

*Actual league length may vary as advertised 



  Coed 6's - Rosters up to 8 Players

Summer 24 Monday Coed Intermediate Volleyball @ Hough Gym

  • Locations: Hough Gym
  • • Day: Monday • Starts: Monday, July 1
    Deadline: Monday, July 8
More Info
More Info

-Team Registration
*$59.37 per player during Priority Pricing Registration for standard roster.
*$65.62 per player during Regular Registration for standard roster.
*Standard team roster of 8 players
*Extra player fees = $10 per player for more than 8 players on roster

-Individual Registration
*64 per player during Priority Pricing Registration
*$69 per player during Regular Registration
*Individuals are placed on a team with other individuals or similar skill levels.
*If you want your friends to be placed together, it is fine to register as individuals and reference each other for same team placement. Note that we cannot guarantee same team placement based on supply and demand. And you may also have additional players added to fill roster. If you want to control your roster, register as a full team.
*Maximum roster size of 10 but most individual teams have 6-8 players.

*6-7 week regular season
*1-2 week single elimination playoff
*Everyone makes playoffs
*3 guys/3 girls on the court
*3 games a night = 1 match
*Rally scoring to 25 (cap at 27)
*Prizes for winning teams

*Bumper / Rec Division has monitor on site. Dinker and Spiker / Intermediate have paid referees. All ref and monitor fees are included.

Levels of play:
* Bumper = Rec/Lower Intermediate - Out to have a good time playing volleyball. Monitor provided.
* Dinker = Int/Upper Intermediate - Players have decent skills and most teams run an organized offense with one or two setters. Paid ref provided

Facility - 779 Dunster St. Off of Hwy 51

Signing up as an individual? Great! Indie teams are formed based on supply and demand and therefore require flexibility for placement. Give us 3 choices of when/where you can play and there is a 95% successful placement rate - or a refund if we cannot. If you are a guy, you need to be flexible for coed or men's. If you are a gal, you need to be flexible for coed or women's.

NOTE: YOU MUST list 2nd and 3rd options (if available) in case this first choice doesn't work out. You will be asked for options when you click to register. You can even list an alternate sport if you like - the goal is to get you playing! - but listing an alternate sport or skill level is not a requirement. If you can only play in this program, we recommend that you put a full team together. If you don't list alternate choices, we will place you in the next available same sport/format/skill level and there are no refunds.

7.1, 7.8, 7.15, 7.22, 7.29, 8.5, 8.12, 8.19

6:30 PM, 7:30 PM, 8:30 PM