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As an American small business, we appreciate your continued support. We look forward to resuming league programming later this summer.
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Pittsburgh Pickleball

Pittsburgh Pickleball

New Pickleball Leagues!!!!

We are excited to bring back this glorious game!



Never heard of it or know what it is? Pickleball is similiar to tennis and badminton. The only difference is a lower net, you play with a paddle, and use a wiffle ball. Other than that its the same science as tennis. So who's ready to wake a ball?!


Grab your pickle partner and don't forget to stay out of the kitchen!


Sports Monster Pickleball Leagues Include:

  • 6 week regular season followed by a 1-2 week playoff tournament
  • Coed/Men's/Women's Doubles
  • best out of 3 games - usually an hour of game time
  • Scoring: first team to 11/tournaments will 15
  • Will be played at North Park and their new pickleball courts