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Play Mobile Euchre!

You do not have to have a bar at home to play...

Whether you're still stuck at home or starting to get back outside, you can still enjoy weekly Euchre games! So let's stay in and have some fun - and win prizes! Sports Monster is offering Mobile Euchre to all of our markets where you will be playing folks from your market or maybe against folks from exotic places like Dayton or Louisville or anywhere!


This program will be offered monthly. You can play one or more each week. Get signed up if you know you want to give it a try! Registration for each monthly program will be open until the day before the first game is to be played.


How it works:

- Seasons will last 6 weeks. 4 weeks of regular season play followed by a single elimination tournament.

- All games will be best 2 out of 3 matches.

- At the end of each match, each player will take a picture of the results of the game and email them to our host manager.

- Whoever racks up the most amount of points by the end of the league wins!

- You will be winning a prize! How does a food delivery service gift card sound? What about a new season credit?

- More instructions will be given before the league starts.


Times are flexible: You will get a schedule with a time assigned but that is a suggested time. We will provide a league contact list the day your program starts. Communicate with your opponent to schedule the time that works best for the both of you. You do have to play and record scores within 24 hours of listed time.


In the programs listed below, click the LEARN MORE button to get a pop-up box with details. More instructions will be sent out once you've signed up!   Have any questions? E-mail



Bar Games

Mobile Euchre

  • Locations: Your Couch
  • • Day: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday • Started: 1/4
    Deadline: 1/4
More Info

More Info

Grab a partner or sign up individually for nightly Euchre games on Euchre 3D!

Euchre 3D is available on both Apple IOS and Android app stores and offers the ability to play euchre with your friends and random opponents for a chance to win a prize!

- 4 nights of regular season play followed by 2 nights of playoffs
- Best 2 out of 3 for regular season matches, best 3 out of 5 for playoff matches
- Sign up with a friend or sign up individually, you will keep the same partner throughout the season
- Prizes awarded to winning team, prize point based on number of participants

PLEASE NOTE: There is a $3.95 processing fee, which is universal for ALL of our sports and events, including this one.

Prizes: If 4-8 sign up, the winners will get to play FREE the next time. If more than 8 people sign up, the winners will get a $10 gift card/each!

1.4, 1.5, 1.6, 1.7, 1.8

8:00 PM