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Sports Monster Kickball
Sports Monster Kickball

 Kickball is Back!


Who loves kickball as much as we do?! You're never too old for Kickball! Return to your grade school roots season and get signed up to play in the THE BEST social leagues around. There is no better activity to help put a cap on the stressful days at work than to play kickball with friends... so don't forget the coolers!


Registration is open for full teams or individuals looking to be placed on a team.






Sports Monster Kickball Leagues Include:

  • 6-7 week regular season
  • 1-2 weeks playoff tournament.
  • 7 inning or 50-minute games
  • 6 guys/4 girls on the field- 7 players needed to avoid a forfeit
  • Teams may use an unlimited kicker rotation
  • Paid umpires and equipment provided        
  • League Champs get choice of customized trophies or t-shirts
  • 2 available same day/same location rain dates available