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Sports Monster Pittsburgh Softball

Spring Hill Field
Spring Hill Field
Wildthings III Tournament Champions!
Wildthings III Tournament Champions!
Summer Tournament Champs - South Hills
Summer Tournament Champs - South Hills

Pittsburgh Softball!


Nobody runs a better softball league than Sports Monster! We do our best to make every softball league competitive for you, so no matter if you're new to the game, or a seasoned vet, we've got a league for you.


Did you know ALL of our softball leagues actually have a REAL strikezone?! That's right, just about every softball league in the country follows the national rules of the game meaning that any pitch that hits homeplate is ruled a ball, you know, since a pitch actually has to cross the plate to be called a strike (not to mention being able to hit it). Come check it out!


We're committed to finding the best facilities in the area at the most convienent locations in the Steel City so you are certain to find somthing that works for you and your team!


We offer two levels of play. Pick one best suited for you.


Recreational Level:

It is all for fun here. Sure, people know how to play the game but the main focus is on getting together, hanging out, and playing some ball. 


Intermediate Level:

If you`re looking to hit against the big boys and girls, then this is the level for you. There are few weaknesses on defense and offense, and some players are usually capable of hitting the long ball.


Softball Leagues Include:

  • 6 Week Regular Season + playoff tournament
  • Umpires and game balls provided by Sports Monster
  • Teams may have a maximum roster of 18 players
  • Coed teams require a minimum 4 females on the field
  • Games are scheduled for 7 innings or one hour time limit
  • League Champions receive a choice of t-shirts or trophy