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If you like playing tennis and being social, this league is for you! Play a combination of singles and doubles any given week - up to you and your team! - and the overall winner is the team who wins the most sets. 


Team tennis scores 1-2-3-4=Game. There is no ad/deuce scoring. At 3-3, the receiver of the serve chooses which side they wish to receive the serve and that point ends the game. 
Sets are won to 6 games and can end 6-5. League play is 90 minutes and we play either 2 sets of mixed doubles, 2 sets of singles or 1 set each of doubles. 

Skill level:
This program is from recreational to about a 4.0. If you are higher than a 4.0, the games might be boring to you but the socializing aspect could be great!


This is SOCIAL and TEAM tennis! We want to make clear that we DO combine skill levels to create new teams. The idea is to be social and have everyone play, even when there cannot be stand alone divisions. So your team may have 1 Hacker, 4 Whackers and 1 Smacker. You match up against teams based on skill level to have the most enjoyment. We recommend teams of 6.


Registration is open for full teams or individuals looking to be placed on a team. 



Sports Monster Social Tennis Leagues Include:
  • 5-week regular season + playoff tournament (all teams qualify)
  • 90 minutes of court time each week
  • Balls provided for first week of regular season and playoffs
  • Winning teams recieve customized champion t-shirts or trophies