2022 North Strabane Township Community Day Softball Tournament

  • Sport: Tournament
  • Format: Coed 10v10 (6/4)
  • Locations: North Strabane Municipal Park
  • Days of the week: Saturday
  • Starts on : Starts on Saturday, August 6
  • Dates: 8.6
  • Times: 4:00 PM, 5:00 PM, 6:00 PM, 7:00 PM, 8:00 PM, 9:00 PM

Signup Deadline: Friday, August 5

-Team Fee
*$25.00 per player Priority Discount Registration for standard roster
*$30.00 per player during Regular Registration for standard roster
*Standard team roster of 12 players
*Extra player fees = $10 for more than 12 players on roster

*$36 Priority registration fee per player
*$39 Standard registration fee per player
*Individuals are placed on a team with other individuals or similar skill levels.
*If you want your friends to be placed together, it is fine to register as individuals and reference each other for same team placement. Note that we cannot guarantee same team placement based on supply and demand. And you may also have additional players added to fill roster. If you want to control your roster, register as a full team.
*Maximum roster size of 18.

- Come and celebrate with North Strabane for their Community Day.
- Enjoy Live music, fireworks, food trucks, vendors, and kids activities while playing softball.
- 4 game guarantee
- Round robin tournament
- Single elimination playoff tournament
- 5 Innings or 40 minute game times
- 6 guys/4 girls on field
- Mercy rule is 10 runs after the 3rd full inning of play.

Levels of Play:
*Coed: SMC coed softball leagues are set up for 6 men and 4 women on the field for each team. If male players are missing, a team may opt to field
more than 4 women. If female players are missing during the regular season, it is up to the discretion of the opposing team whether more than five men will be allowed
*Men's - 10 players on the field at all times.

Facility - North Strabane Softball Complex

Uniforms: No Uniform Requirements

Signing up as and Individual? Great! Indie teams are formed based on supply and demand. If you are male, be flexible between Men's and Coed division. Gals will be place in Coed.

Charity: Each team shall select a charity of their choosing at time of registration. The winning team's charity shall be the beneficiary of this event. Charities listed MUST be legitimate or The American Red Cross shall be the default recipient. Team fees include the charity donation.

Weather: Should the tournament have to be shortened for weather, if at least 1/2 the matches have been played, the tournament shall be considered completed and the winning team will be determined by best overall record. If 1/2 the matches have not been played, the "rain date" policy shall be in effect. Should the tournament be canceled due to weather, the "rain date" for this event is MONTH DAY. If your team is unable to attend, you may opt to receive full credit for a future tournament in the next twelve months OR receive a 50% refund. If the "rain date" is also canceled, full refunds to participating teams shall be processed.

Pricing Tiers
  • $250.00 through 7/8
  • + $50.00 after 7/8
  • $36.00 through 7/8
  • + $3.00 after 7/8
  • Coed

    • Level: Recreational
    • Gender: Co-ed
    • Age: 18 and Up
    • Team
      • Status: Open
      • Cost: $250.00
      • Team

      $300.00 after 7/8

    • Individual

      $39.00 after 7/8

  • Men's

    • Level: Recreational
    • Gender: Males Only
    • Age: 18 and Up
    • Team
      • Status: Open
      • Cost: $250.00
      • Team

      $300.00 after 7/8

    • Individual

      $39.00 after 7/8