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Winter 18 Coed Social Bowling

  • Sport: Bowling
  • Locations: Hollywood Lanes
  • Days of the week: Wednesday
  • Starts on : Starts on Wednesday, January 24
  • Dates: 1.24, 1.31, 2.7, 2.14, 2.21, 2.28, 3.7, 3.14
  • Times: 7:00 PM, 8:30 PM

Signup Deadline: Wednesday, January 31

-Team Fee
*$68.43 per bowler during Regular Registration for standard roster
*Standard team roster of 7 players
*Extra player fees = $10 for more than 7 players on roster

*$79 Standard registration fee per player
*Individuals are placed on a team with other individuals or similar skill levels.
*If you want your friends to be placed together, it is fine to register as individuals and reference each other for same team placement. Note that we cannot guarantee same team placement based on supply and demand. And you may also have additional players added to fill roster. If you want to control your roster, register as a full team.
*Maximum roster size of 7 but most individual teams have 4-6 players.

*6 week regular season
*1-2 week playoff
*Everyone makes playoffs
*Shoe fee included!
*There is no mandatory male/female quota
*Bowl as much as you can in 90 minutes
*Top four (4) unique scores counted for match winner
*Prizes for winning teams
*Paid monitor on site. Monitor fees are included.

Facility: Hollywood Lanes is a great, old school bowling emporium. Your cross between old and new for a fun weekly bowling experience. Located conveniently in the Dormont area, it is a quick drive from Downtown and north and south hills.

Levels of play:
*Social Bowling is comprised of all levels. The focus is having fun out for a weekly night of bowling with friends old and new.

Signing up as an individual? Great! Indie teams are formed based on supply and demand and therefore require flexibility for placement. For social bowling, there is one program. If we cannot place you, a full refund will be provided.

    • Gender: Co-ed
    • Age: 19 and Up